Wells Industrial Battery, Inc. has a full service battery and charger service department, repairing most makes and models of industrial forklift batteries and chargers.   We also stock common battery and charger parts, which can be delivered or shipped to your location. 

A preventative maintenance (PM) program is a routine complete inspection of your battery and charger fleet.  This inspection will help you to maintain your battery and charger fleet to their best operating potential. Our service technicians are able to find and correct small problems before they become larger more costly problems.  Using the provided inspection reports, you will have good analysis of your fleet and have the information needed to plan your maintenance and fleet replacement budgets. We have found over the years that this maintenance will increase battery life, as well as increase capacity.  Click one of the icons below to see sample reports from our PM program.

Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance Summary Reports Sample Preventative Maintenance Summary Letter Sample